Create your own Rules for Life, to Experience the Higher Self


All the rules of life belong to the body, heart, and mind. The soul within you is free from all the rules of this world. It participates in it, as a detached observer. When you realize your soul, you experience oneness with everything that exists on earth and rise above all the rules of life.

Create your own rules of life and rise above it. The purpose of life is to realize the higher self and align both the path and purpose of life. The path of life is your daily living and what kind of goals you carry with your daily living becomes the purpose of your life.

Rules are made to create the synchronicity between your body, mind, and heart. Once the body, mind, and heart are synchronized in the moment, then you rise above the daily rules of life to experience the higher self.

The life doesn’t end with the realization, but the path and purpose of life become one when you rise above all the rules of your body, mind, and heart. Life still happens with the body, mind, and heart and you allow the rules to take place through you, and participate in it, but as a detached observer.

You allow the life to take place through you. Create your own rules for life, so that you can rise above it. Life moves in a circle and circle exist of twenty-four hours. The rules are meant for twenty-four hours and then the same circle repeats itself. When you bring awareness to the circle, slowly you start developing an understanding towards life.

Create your own rules for life, and follow it rigorously. Try to amend them as and when required. Add all the obligations and responsibilities of life to it. Make every act of your life, the stepping stone towards enlightenment.

You can make use of every part of your life. Once you have your own rules for life, move into the deeper aspect of it. No one understands your life better than you. Only your experience counts with life.

If you look for the toughest path, it has to come out of your understanding, and if you figure out the easier way than it too has to be part of your own understanding.

Life is all about understanding and understanding comes out of the personal experience. Others experience can serve to take a step towards the path and the experience on the path, but others experience can never become your experience.

Life is a process. You require awareness of the mind in the moment to understand this process.

The miracle of life is not something that happens in a day, but it requires the daily effort. By following the rules, you create a path into your mind, which reflects in your thinking, feelings and efforts.

The rules of life are to lift your experiences of life. The more you grow and evolve with your body, mind, and heart, the better world you create for yourself. The life beyond body, mind, and heart belongs to pure intelligence.

The space above the body, mind, and heart is full of wisdom and bliss, for which every human strive for, knowingly or unknowingly. When you get one with the body, mind, and heart, you enter into the space of transcendence.

This space of transcendence is an empty space, where nothing exists.When you transcend this space, you enter into the space of wisdom and bliss. To experience your higher self, its necessary to get one with the natural process of life. You have to be one with the twenty-four hours circle.

The part of the mind, i.e. “I” holds the capacity to transcend oneself into the higher self. It all depends on upon what’s your desires for life. You become, what you choose to be.

The life on this earth never forces you, but on the contrary it offers you whatever you ask from life. Life starts with thoughts and ends with an effect of it. When you evaluate your life, you don’t see beyond your efforts.

When you can develop the eyes, who can see the subtle world of thoughts and emotions behind every act, you become more aware of your inner world, and simply don’t waste life in fighting and resisting with it.

“The proper evaluation of your day happens when you start with the thoughts, and end up at your action, as you have no control over the result of your effort.”

You may spend time thinking about the result of your effort, but it’s an unnecessary waste of time. Life passes by in a moment. You learn and grow with the experiences of life.

If something you have tried and it didn’t go your way, you learn the lesson out of it and move on with your life. When you try something new, every time with your life, you develop a habit, to opt for the fresh thing rather follow the same monotonous life.

Never afraid to fail, or try a different approach with your life. When you give more, you grow more and life has nothing to do with the result out of it. It doesn’t matter if you create one billion or ten billion.

Few millions are enough to manage your life. If you evaluate your life on the basis of net worth, then you miss the essence of life.

The thoughts and emotions flow continuously inside of you and develop different impressions. These impressions wait for the moment to become experiences of your life.

If you are mindful of your thoughts and emotions every moment, you don’t give away in the moment, but follow self-control to handle the situation of the moment, and give your best response to it.

Only you know what’s going on inside of you. Anyone from outside can direct you to move inside, but all the work within yourself has to be done by you.

If you wait for the miracle to happen or you wish god to do the magic for you, then you may wait for the lifetime and nothing may happen, but when you consciously bring the shift from inside, things starts to move in the outside world.

With life, you attract what you really are from inside, and not what you pretend to be, in the outside world.

It’s very important to know who you are from inside and to know oneself, it’s necessary to have the self-imposed discipline in life. The rules created by oneself, out of one’s own understanding.

The experience comes out of the rules, and understanding is developed out of the experience and the circle follows. This understanding serves you to improve your life and as you grow and evolve with life, you come closer to the realization of the higher self.

You have to rise above your own mind, body, and heart to experience something, i.e. beyond. To rise above something, first of all, it’s important to be one with it and to understand it thoroughly, so that you can allow the thing to take place and you rise above it.

The self-realization is the state, where you live in the same world and act on it, but without acting on it and experiencing the world, without allowing the experience to get hold of you, living in the world, without getting involved in it, feeling the world without getting attached to it, and being in the world, without being a part of it.

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