The Internal Process of Life.


Life is all about an experience. No information of this world can be useful to you, unless you make it an experience of your life.

The truth of life should happen to you & through you. Only than it make sense into your life. Life has to come out of your own comfort of understanding. You cannot stretch with life without understanding.

You can learn from others, but the learning is useful, when it becomes your own experience and your own part of understanding. The internal process of life, connects you with the very root of life. Howsoever hard you try to understand life outside, again and again life throws you back to yourself.

Life happens inside. The life follows a process. Nothing on this earth comes out of the blue, neither you, neither this life and neither too this existence. This truth can be understood, once you realize your higher self.

With the mind and senses, all that is visible is this huge life outside. Looking at the outside life, its hard to understand different aspects of life, but the time you connect from inside, all the secrets of life reveals to you.

As the laws of existence, is one for all the human’s on earth, so does the internal process of life. The basic internal function of body, mind and heart is the same for all the human. It’s not possible for one person to think from the heart, and digest his food from the mind. The basic internal functions are the same for all the human kind.

The human’s differ from each other, with the perception they carry for life. Their perception depends upon their current state of evolution. Every human evolves with the body, mind and heart. It can be out of natural process or one can speed up the process, by consciously taking control of his life. Some people are ahead, in the process of evolution, while some follows the natural process of life.

In the natural process, the life brings different experiences, and you go through different emotions, without having any understanding of it, or any control of it. The another way to go through the process of evolution is by making the choice and decisions with life, and using the will-power to execute it.

The internal process of life connects you with the natural laws of life. When you make a choice or take decision, you become more aware with life and this awareness gives you the understanding about the different situation and events of life.

When you understand life, you choose every step in alignment with life, while in the state of unawareness nature throws you in different situations and experiences and the mind and heart grow and evolve, by going through different pain & suffering of life. The natural process refers to, when you don’t have control over life, and outside situation or events control your life.

“Self-induced suffering on the path with understanding, is always less painful than the unexpected pain & suffering of life.”

The internal process of life takes you from outside to inward journey. You live the same life, but your perception towards life connects you with, both the inner as well as outside world. The inward journey starts with the breath and sensation, and moves higher, to give you the glimpse of higher reality of life. The inner life is all about an experience.

The scientists explore the outside life, and create and innovate. You can make the use of all the innovation and creation, without yourself going through the similar experiment. Anything explored outside, can bring into use, without getting into the technicality of it. When one person has explored, and come to the conclusion, its no need for the other, to explore the same thing.

But this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to the internal life. If Buddha, or Krishna or Christ has explore for themselves, you cannot be benefited by it, unless you explore for yourself. You have to dive deep into your consciousness, and get to the similar state, to understand what all the enlightened beings has experienced for themselves. Even they went through the inner experiment, but you cannot get away with their experiment, but you have to find your way.

The source of life flows from inside out. With the attachment with the body, you have limited access to life, and you are less connected with the natural laws of life. The more you move in and know and experience the internal process of life, the more you connect with the natural process of life.

When you connect with the sensation of the body, it takes you higher to the level of heart and mind. Before you experience the physical life in the form of situation, events, experience and impression, it takes place in the mind and heart, in the subtle region. The subtle world is made up of thoughts, images, feelings, emotions and energy. From outside, you create energy from food, water & sunlight, and from inside, you too create energy from your thoughts and emotions.

“The unwanted thoughts, and emotions depletes your energy and the physical efforts without understanding, too takes away large part of your energy.”

All the attachment with the body, mind and heart is possible, because of the part of the mind, “I” which carries your personal image into the mind. The mind and heart carries the separate body along with the sensation.

When the “I” attach itself with the body, all the experience and impressions of the mind and heart is transferred to the physical body, through sensation from the subtle body. The part of the mind “I” is a transcendent personality and can switch his identity from the physical body to the subtle and from subtle to the higher-self with understanding.

The experience of the subtle body is possible, when you connect with the mind and heart, and recognize all the different aspects of it.

“The process of life is such that, as soon as you start understanding any aspect of life, you tend to grow from it and you move towards the detachment.”

Within your body, you also have an inner source of energy, that allows the natural process of mind,heart, sensation and physical body to take place. When the inner energy flows, it always comes into the purest form, but with the belief system of the mind and heart, it gets one with the mind and heart, and allows the process of life to take place, according to the impressions and experiences of the mind.

“When you experience the no-mind state, and choose to move into the deeper realm of life, you enter into the zone of pure energy, which can be unlocked with the attention on the base of spine, to experience the higher world.”

Every human can experience it for himself, if he choose to balance both his internal as well as external life, and make the decisions to get better not only with his outside accomplishment but also grow and evolve with his inner world. You can direct the purest form of energy in your chosen direction and make the best use of your mind, heart and body to create and innovate with life.

The life doesn’t end with the pure energy, but there lies something else beyond your physical as well as subtle body, which remains untouched throughout the entire process of life.

The purest form of energy too has its source, which is pure consciousness, and can influence the flow of energy into your body. Pure consciousness is a perfect state, where you remain away from the recognition of physical as well as subtle reality and experience the natural process of life, from the higher state.

The source of life is pure consciousness, and the part of the mind “I”, which is the transcendental personality, can rise to the level of pure consciousness and can become one with it. This happens after a long arduous spiritual practice.

The “I” part of the mind carries all the different belief system out of its experiences and impressions of life. With the pure consciousness, the life flows out of the natural process, without the interference of mind, and this state allows the bliss and wisdom to follow.

The internal process of life begins with pure consciousness, which allows the flow of pure energy to take place.

The inflow and outflow of breath is directly connected with the pure energy, which remains locked at the base of the spine. The breathe too is part of the inner energy system, and when the inner energy is unlocked, you experience that the breathe cease to exist and get one with the flow of inner energy.

This inner flow of energy gives movement to the mind and heart, but if your life is in body-conscious state, you can use very little part of pure energy from within, and even this pure energy gets manipulated with your thought patterns, that you carry from your past.

The internal process of life can be your experience, if you initiate the process. All you need is an intent in a right direction, and all the life’s knowledge, information and process you need in the moment, will flow into your life. The outside life provides you exactly what you ask for. Your work is to create a right intent and move on with life, and the things will happen, when the time is right.

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