Death & Retreat is, One and the same.


Retreat is an experience, where you move out of your daily routine, to reflect back on your life, and come back to life more stronger. The same thing happens, at the time of death, whereby, you move out of your old body, to come back again, more evolved to experience life.

Not all the retreats are of the same types, and so does the experience of death. But the purpose remains the same, either for the retreats or death experience, to come back to life, stronger than before.

What you see in a person, from outside, is not the complete picture of whats happening inside of him, and it might not give you a clue, about all the chaos that exists inside. Its only, when you look deep inside, your own chaos, you begin to see, how the things takes place inside of everyone.

Life initiates from the deep subtle level, and at the physical level, its impossible to understand, whats happening inside, or why certain incidents takes place, in the life of people, be it in the form of fatal disease, or unforeseen accident’s.

One thing is for sure with life is that, anything that happens with you, either it appears to be good or worse, the cause always perpetuate within. No matter what happens with you, it all depends upon the inner energy and vibrations, that you send out into the universe.

Life follows a natural laws, and it cannot happen otherwise. You tend to attract, what you are and who you are. No outside situation, experiences or events of life, holds the direct power to write your life, unless you surrender yourself from inside.

If you can really hold yourself, with what you want out of life, from inside, no thing of this life, can bend you to make anything else, other than what you have desired, with your life.

The power of an individual lies, in firmly executing what he desires, and holding onto it, with his strong will.

The beauty of life is happening inside and the beauty of death too. The one who begins to understand the natural principles of life, also unveils the beauty of death.

Death remains mystery only to those, who are yet to discover life, within . Once you discover life in you, the mystery of death too gets revealed. Life and death are the only two mysteries that needs to be discovered, and all the mysteries of life, gets revealed by itself.

Both Death and retreat serves to unblock the inner flow of energy, in its own way.

When you follow the same patterns of life, over and over, after a certain point of time, it blocks the inner flow of energy.

Thats the only reason, we need sleep after a days work, because different impressions and experiences of life, good or not so good, blocks the inner flow of energy, after a certain point of time, and if you don’t follow a method or ways to unblock the free flow of energy, it results into a fatal disease.

This is only, one of the many reasons why death occurs and sometimes, mind and heart too gets blocked in a moment, and cannot figure out a response, for the situation or an event ( Accidents or unforeseen situations ), that again results into an untimely death.

There are many incidents in everyone’s life, where they might have seen passing of their loved one’s, without any real cause or the cause that wasn’t appeared to be an obvious one. This happens because, life and death is a subtle process and can only be understood, when you experience your own subtle world.

Impressions and experiences, are carried forward with life, if its deeply rooted inside. In the present life, you always have a power of choice and decisions and along with it the will, to choose what kind of impressions and experiences, you would like to experience and alter the past experiences or impressions of life.

The nature of life, both on the existence and inside of us, has its own way to work. It doesn’t depend upon, what you think or feel but it simply follows its natural process. The natural process of life, depends upon the quality of inner energy and vibrations for its functions.

When you don’t feel good or feel tensed or stressed, its only due to the blockage of inner flow of energy, and the time you laugh your heart out, its only because of the free flow of energy inside, in the moment.

“The mood swings or the tension & stress, is only the result of the blockages of the inner flow of energy, in the moment.”

Timely retreat allows you to unlock your inner flow of spiritual energy. Never take your  inner life for granted. If you feel unease at any point of time, make sure you relax yourself in the moment, rather to develop a habit to simply stretch with the dis-ease.

No pain or sorrow in your life can serve you, unless you resolve yourself to turn them into a happy and joyful one. Everyone receives the same amount of happiness and sorrows in life, and it all depends upon an individuals, what they do, to turn their pain and sorrows into the best experiences of their life.

Remember, you cannot create anything, with feeling uneasiness or stressed in your life. Drop the notion to stretch yourself in pain, sorrow, stress or sadness. Take time out for yourself, towards your well-being. You cannot claim anyone other than yourself for your pain and sorrow. Its always remain your choice to carry your sadness with life.

If you really choose to make the best out of your life, you have to have the relaxed body, mind and heart and only than you can create the most out of your thoughts, feelings and imagination. Life only happens, with the inner flow of energy, and the source for the functions of the mind, heart and body too depends upon the inner flow of energy.

If you don’t take care of your inner life, it will sooner or later show up in your outside life, and at that time no medication from outside, will really help.

Normal mindset allows the people to believe that, without them their world is impossible, and they are only responsible for everything that takes place around them. This is the only reason, people are hesitant to take time out for themselves, as they feel that, if they move out, their world will collapse.

The life is all about different experience and experiment and the time you begin to experiment more with your life, you gain more experience, to explore life. You don’t need to change the things that is happening outside, but you simply have to change the perspective that you carry for your life, from within.

Life can very well run without you, if you can take  time out for yourself, and allow life to happen on its own. Sometimes our too much indulgence with life, spoils the natural flow of life. Its better to work on oneself and create a fine balance from within, rather to indulge with the very nature of things, situation or people, to get them into a balance. If you can create a fine balance from within, outside life certainly respond to it.

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