Every Day, Life is a Celebration.


Every-day, life is a celebration, seems like a humbug statement, but this is the truth for those, who knows how to pick the right perspective towards different situations of life, the one’s who lives life out of choice, and no matter what their life presents to them, to make the best out of it.

To celebrate every moment of your life, needs broader perspective towards life. If your idea is limited, your happiness and joy with life, too remains limited. If you live life, with a broader perspective, you plant the seed of joy and happiness every moment, and when the right time comes, it reaps, in the form of joy and happiness.

Happiness flourishes into your life at different levels. When you take action, you create your karma, that returns to your life, in one or the other form. You think or feel something, you attract the same thing into your life. When you radiate energy and vibrations, into your environment, you create the similar environment.

The karma attracts similar karma’s, so do your thoughts and feelings, and even your energy and vibrations creates similar life around you.

You sow seed at different levels, beginning from the action, to thoughts and feelings, to energy and vibrations. If you only observe your life, through the perspective of actions, and expect the happiness out of it, your life always remains limited. To expand the happiness into your life, you have to initiate with the actions, and slowly move into observing your thoughts and feelings and further to your energy and vibrations level, so that you understand the natural flow of life.

Life is not only limited to the actions, but there is so much lies in the background, behind the action. The physical initiates from the subtle level, and the subtle level too have its source, in the form of energy and vibrations. Life can become celebration everyday for you, if you understand the natural flow of life, and align your life, with it.

The natural flow of life, allows you to have a free flow with life. You don’t get stuck at any moment. Surrender and acceptance is a key to the free flow of life. You don’t judge life, as good or bad or where the present situation will lead to, but you simply accept life, with whats present in the moment, and simply flow with it.

Life is not necessarily what you see or perceive in the moment, but it all depends upon whats going on, in the moment, inside your body. If your energy and vibrations radiates a higher energy and vibrations, your perspective too becomes pleasant towards life, but if the inner flow of energy is lesser, no matter what you experience with life, you tend to find fault with it.

What goes inside of you, allows you to perceive life, in a certain way, and the real changes can be made with life, when your attention remains with the inner movement, rather chasing different desires of life.

Your perception, picks the joy or sadness out of the present life situation, and it all depends upon the quality of your understanding. It’s only your understanding in the moment, judge the situation as good or bad. The intelligent folks see every situation, as a support system, to take their life forward. This is the attitude, they carry towards life.

If you stay open with life, life provides the perspective, which is more closer to the natural principles, and no situation or people of the outside world can disturb you. On the other hand, if you remain too much attached, to your personal ideas or beliefs, than  that idea or belief itself becomes the reason of your suffering.

Always remember, you are responsible for your joy and sorrow with life. All the situation, people and events present itself, out of its nature, but it all depends upon, how you perceive them.

You too have your own nature and perspective towards life, and to every situation, people, event or experience of life, you add your own perspective. Its not necessarily what you see, is the truth of life, but may be your own projection, out of your past experience and impressions of life.

“The perspective towards life can be changed, through proper analysis, evaluation, and contemplating different aspects of life.”

When you carry your own perspective to understand life, it has less to do, with actual reality, and more to do with, proving one’s perspective right. Life does’t follows individuals perspective, but it has its own laws, and even the things that takes place, through an individual, also carries the natural laws of life.

Everything under the sun takes place, out of the natural process and if the things don’t work out for anyone, its only because the person has moved far away, from the natural process of life.

“Each individual is so attached with, his or her way of life, that he is, not bother to understand the higher truth of life, which is full of bliss and wisdom.”

Life is a celebration, each day with the natural flow of life. You have a choice to either hold your personal idea of life, and create sadness out of it, or you can let lose yourself, to experience the best of life, every moment.

Observing life, it may seem like its happening outside, but in reality life is taking place inside us. To make each day of your life, a celebration, is a personal choice, and has no interdependence, whatsoever from the outside world.

Celebration is a feeling and everyone has the power to feel, his way, with every different situations of his life. It may be possible, that you may not feel the same way, out of all the old habits, but when you bring more and more awareness to your feelings and emotions, with different situations of life, you tend to change them, every-time it slips downward. The simple awareness, towards the inner world, begin the process of correction inside.

The intention and attention is the powerful tool to change any aspect of life. The intention provides you the purpose, while the attention allows you to focus, and with both attention and intention, you create what you desire, out of life.

Don’t wait for the right occasion outside, to celebrate and enjoy life, rather begin to celebrate life inside, by picking the situations, events and experiences, out of choice, and soon you will notice, the shift into your perception towards life.

Who wants to remain sad with life, but people don’t know, how to make the most out of every moment, and this force them to accept life, with whatever it brings to them.

The life turns into a celebration, when you begin to enjoy every moment of life. You don’t need anybody else, except yourself to turn your life into a celebration, and soon you will notice, that the world begin to respond to your celebration and will become the part of it.

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