Life from An Individual Personality to an Observer.

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Life with an individual identity, is of a doership. If your individual personality is absolutely enhanced, you take responsibility of yourself and everything around you, and if you are in the process of discovering yourself, you go through the up’s and down’s of life, before your personal identity, gets revealed to you.

Personal identity is to realize, your outside role with life. This doesn’t mean, you have realized the truth of life, but you know, at-least what you have to do, with your life, and you don’t simply waste time, on simply repeating the circle of life.

There is a greater truth of life exists, beyond the personal identity. The state of awakening. The experience of an observer, seer or soul in the body. To have an experience, of being one with the source of life.

Observer is the seer, within you, who constantly observes all the movement of your inner as well as outside world. Observer is an experience of self-realization or God within. The observer works through life, with higher energy and vibrations. The source of the spiritual energy, within the body, is the observer. Observer is also named as pure consciousness, soul, present moment awareness and with various names by different religions and spiritual organizations.

As an individual personality, you are part of the mind, who likes to creates dreams, desires, ambitions and all different goals for life. The individual personality, likes to get the things done, all on its own.

The life with an observer, is an experience, where you don’t have the sense of doership, as you realize the ultimate truth, behind every action, that occurs through mind, heart and body. As an individual personality, you simply act, that is present, by your mind, heart and sensation.

The observer is the source, within you, from where the process of life, initiates. The observer is the beginning and end to life.

When you see the incoming and outgoing of your breathe, do you make any effort, or it takes place, out of natural process?

Certainly its a natural process. What you do, nothing. Than what gives you an idea, that you are the one, who drives your life. You get the thoughts, feelings and sensation and the reaction comes through you. With the reaction, you create further impressions and experiences, in your mind, and with it, you get the understanding towards life. The process of evolution goes inside of you, in the subtle world, and your personal identity to grows with it, out of natural process.

If I ask to describe the process of breathe, what you do, you simply describe whats going on, inside of you, right. If you try to take ownership of your breathe, and begin to take each breathe, how long, you shall continue?

Not, too far. So, when it comes to life, why you want to do everything on your own, and not simply follow the natural process of life, that takes place within you, always there to show the way, for anything and everything you desire.

You are more than your individual identity, including all the activities of mind and heart. There is something higher, that exists in you, that allows the functions of mind and heart or you can call it a source of life, of both inner as well as outside world. The physical part of life, is a reflection of the subtle life, that exists in you.

With the sense of personal identity, you cannot go too far. You are always in the middle, of the process of life. Its like the process begins with the observer, but you are stuck with the personal identity. You cannot get to the core of life, with anything. You will always remain puzzled with any aspect of life, as the clarity to any aspect of life, can only happen, if you can see the clear picture.

Thats what the condition of every human. Every human-being at different level, got stuck in his mind. No matter what the position he attains, or accomplishment he has outside, he is always hanging in the middle of the process of life.

“The personal identity is not a source of life, but a means, to get the things done, through the mind, heart and body, on the existence.”

When you look inside, and begin to remove different layers of fear, insecurity, feelings, emotions, thoughts and imagination, you won’t find any personal identity, that you savor in your mind, about yourself. Personal identity, is a subtle identity that you fill with it different experiences and impressions of life. You can make anything out of it. Its an empty subtle space within you.

With the mind,when you think about yourself in the moment, the physical appearance comes to the mind. This physical appearance tends to get weak or strong, either by the inner changes through outside experience, or if you are not connected from inside, than anything that occurs outside, directly impacts your personality savored by the mind.

When you are too much attached to the self image of your mind, you can never have the realization of true self. When you shed all the different personality in the physical, emotional and mental form, you come across the realization of the  self.

The observer in you, is separate from the acquired individual personality. The natural process of life, happens with the observer. The individual identity, carries the sense of doership, and feels that, the world is not possible without him.

In reality, the role of the individual personality is to react, looking into the situation or events, out of his limited understanding, of the mind. When the person, begins to practice awareness with his daily life, slowly he begins to realize, his true purpose with life, and he begins to consciously direct his life, in that direction.

“When you bring little awareness to the things happening in your inner world, you realize the mechanism out of which, your daily life takes place, and it can only be broken, by being an observer to both your inner as well as outside life.”

The life of an observer is not to create different desires for life, but utilize the energy, to fulfill the need of the present moment. The process of life, doesn’t begins with the mind, but it begins with the energy and vibrations. The observer is very well tune with the energy and vibrations, and doesn’t act on thoughts or feelings, unless the body, heart and mind is perfectly tune with the necessary energy, required for the effort.

The individual personality or ego, simply likes to jump on things without observing the necessary energy, requires for work. The life has a natural process for everything. Things gets manifested, out of the natural process and anywhere the things go wrong, its only because when you move away from the natural process.

The journey from the personal identity to an observer begins, when you shed away all the different layers of the subtle world, and come face to face with personal identity, which simply hangs in the air, inside. The personal identity, when realize the observer, it start to adopt the life of an observer, which is to, simply remain present in the moment, and allow the life to happen, out of natural process.

When the effort requires, the observer holds enough energy and vibrations in the moment, to get any task done through the body. When no action is required, the observer experience the bliss of life, every moment. The bliss and wisdom of life, belongs to the observer.

The journey of life ends with an observer, and this is an experience and existential truth for every human, and not just a philosophy. To realize the truth, each one has to initiate the journey of his own, and get into the experience for himself.

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