Difference between Spiritual Experience, and Situation based Experience


Experiencing life is important to take your life forward. There are two types of experiences, either spiritual or situation based experience. With situation based experience, you simply repeat the process of life, sometimes moving forward and sometimes moving backward.

Situation based experiences are limited to mind, that you go through each day with life. Simply sit down with yourself, and look at your week and see how many times, you have repeated the same process of life, without reaching anywhere.

Some people may think, that they always try something new with their life, but remember you cannot do anything other than, what exists in your mind. Even you think you tried something new, also has come up, from the impressions that you has been stored into your mind.

With the mind, the experience is something where you are involved with the process, while the impression is not part of your experience, but you have recorded somebody else’s experience, into your mind, in the form of impressions.

All the accumulated knowledge and information only remains as impressions into your mind, unless it becomes your experience. Experience is when you get into the situation and experience it for yourself. When you have the first-hand experience, you know the beginning and end of an experience.

When you share the knowledge or information of others, you don’t have the absolute knowledge of the path, out of which the experience is achieved, but all you have, is the broken information, in the form of impressions.

On the other hand, spiritual experience is a first-hand experience. Spiritual experience is, to experience the reality of your inner world. The life flows inside out. Whatever you experience in the outside world comes from the subtle world.

All the spiritual experience is to give you a glimpse of your inner world.

“Sometimes it happens, that when you go through some situation based experience with your life, and you learn the deep lesson out of it, that simply transforms your life, then it’s not a mind based experience, but it’s a spiritual experience.”

Transformation or transcendence happens only when you have a personal encounter with life. Your repetitive process of life, without understanding, takes you nowhere. No day should pass, without having any real lessons out of it.

The spiritual experience stays with you for the lifetime, because it’s the truth and it doesn’t change with the changing nature of life. Situation based experience change often and doesn’t remain constant, while the spiritual experience stays with you forever.

As many times you experience, it remains the same. The spiritual experience is to understand the natural process of life, that goes inside of you. The process of life, that happens inside, remains the same. It doesn’t change. It can never happen that, you begin to think with your heart. The natural process of life is same in each one of us. The soul, spirit, mind, heart and body is the same. It’s the nature of the mind, that’s different for each one of us. Humans differ with their experiences and impressions of life.

“The experience and impressions from the past attract more similar experiences into your life.”

The subtle world of the thoughts, emotions, sensation and breath inside, gives you an understanding of the natural process of life.

With your life, you go through the situation based experience that doesn’t hold much meaning to life. You go on repeating the same thing. You face the same problem and after some time, you receive the solution for it. Sometimes the person or situation bothers you, and as the time moves forward, the solution emerges by itself.

This is the nature of mind. When it’s in chaos, the outside life seems like a problem, and when it gets to relax, everything seems to get clear and out of clarity, the solution appears by itself. Each day you can choose to repeat the same process of life, or out of the daily situation, learn the lessons out of it.

The daily situation of life means nothing if you don’t learn the necessary lesson out of it. Try to figure out the cause of every situation of your life. That will allow you to dig deep into your past and into your mind.

From where does your life appears?

You will figure out that, it’s only because of your past actions, that you are experiencing this situation in the moment. The past becomes your present and your response in the present will create the future situation, but the situation will remain, as it is, till you die, unless you learn the lessons of life from it.

The life’s lesson serves you to rise above the mundane process of life and takes your life higher. As your experiences expand, your act in your daily life too moves to the another level, as you don’t get into the trivial activities of life, but you make sure to give your time to things, that can give you more understanding and brings you closer to the natural process of life.

With understanding towards the natural process of life, you bring your daily living close to eternity. You don’t live for the limited period, but you live for eternity. Your each action of life gives you the taste of eternity.

All the situation based experience come and go, but the only spiritual experience of life stays with you forever.

“You grow, evolve and expand from within and from outside, out of the spiritual experience.”

If you don’t learn from your experience each day, you will have nothing to move forward for the very next day. It’s your life’s lesson that allows you to take your life forward. Otherwise, you only live to serve the basic needs of life, by going through the same repetitive process of life.

Even animals do that. They know when they are hungry, and they look for the food. Once their needs get satisfied, they get back to their place. But with human, he goes on repeating the same process of life, even after fulfilling the needs of his life, without understanding the essence of it.

Every human is capable of understanding his or her own life. You have all the wisdom and bliss of life, exists inside. You don’t have to study somebody else’s life, to learn the life’s lesson, but all you have to do is, go through the entire day of your life, and see why certain situation, event, or experience in your life take place.

What you have done in the past, that led you to these experiences, and what’s the lesson out of it, that can change your present action and can lead to the better experiences for the future. You do these every day, and become wiser, by each passing day. The wisdom and bliss with life can be achieved by walking one step at a time.

Whenever you learn the life’s lesson, you have to relive the experience over and over again, unless some higher experience is available to you.

You have to stay with the experience and more you stay with the life lessons, which is the true reality of life, it becomes easier for you to understand different aspects of life.

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