Spiritual and Physical Side of Life.


The spiritual side of life is referred to the supreme soul, soul, spirit, sensation, breath, heaven, hell, higher world, and the spiritual world, while the physical side of life refers to the body, brain, heart, physical world.

The only physical world and the human existence in it don’t give a clear idea about the process of life, while only with the spirituality the physical life, is not possible.

Spiritual life has its own rules, while physical life has its own. The truth is, the existence of physical life is possible only because of the spiritual life and this truth can only be understood when you realize the truth behind your own existence within, the body.

Spirit and soul reside in the physical body and experience life in different forms. The physical life including the brain, heart, and body is made up of five elements. The brain may create the different perception for you, through the senses, out of the five elements, but when you observe life directly through consciousness, you see everything out of its true nature.

Nothing deceives you with life, and everything appears out of its true nature. Breathe and sensation is part of the spirit. The spirit experience life through the body and governs the body through sensation.

The natural process of life takes place from inside out. Soul creates spirit and spirit forms brain, heart and body. When the spirit expands within the physical body, physical body too expands with the spirit.

It’s the spirit that creates the process within the physical body, for it too expand and so that spirit can express and experience life through the body.

The spirit along with the mind carries the past experience and impressions, and thus the quality of physical body, mind, and emotional wellbeing depends on the quality of experiences and impressions of the past.

Many Lives, Many Masters

The soul in the body is an empty space of higher vibrations, that allows the process of creation, sustenance, and destruction. Creation, sustenance, and destruction happen only of the physical form, when the physical body dies and perish and the subtle experiences and impressions of the spirit when the spirit creates an intention to become one with the soul.

The spirit is a moving subtle thread that carries the sensation along with the spiritual or kundalini energy in the form of a subtle shape of a tiny little ball. The spiritual energy is directed by the direction of your attention.If your attention moves outside, the movement of spirit, sensation, mind, heart, and body moves outward, and the spiritual energy allows the process of life to take place. When the same attention of the mind, moves inward, you move on the path of self-realization.

At the level of mind, when your desires ask you to move into the physical world, all the spiritual energy is directed outside to fulfill your desire.

When the same attention is directed inward towards breathe, sensation, thoughts, feelings and emotions, the spiritual energy that has been used to fulfill the desires of life, now serves you to understand the subtle along with the physical reality of life.

The spiritual life begins when your attention shifts inward. The attention on breathe is the gateway, that can take you till the end, in realizing the spiritual energy inside.

“The attention on the breathe and sensation allows you to experience the self within, separate from your physical identity.”

The process of inflow and outflow of breath is possible because of the spirit in the body. Spiritual energy is locked at the bottom of the spine, and the subtle thread of spirit is so attached to the physical body, that it gets hard to realize the spirit when you try to understand with the mind.

“Only when the sensation gets separated from the physical body, you realize the spirit and soul in the body.”

In Search of the Miraculous

Breathe and sensation is a confirmation of spirit in the body. All the functions of the body, heart, and brain are possible because of the spirit. At the level of brain, it seems like life is happening because of the brain, but when you realize the detachment of spirit from the physical body, you unlock the spiritual energy, and you experience the pure space of consciousness within the body.

The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contracts. When it expands, it functions through the body, heart, and brain and when it contracts it moves back to its source, i.e. pure consciousness.

The mind is the one, that acts as a bridge between spiritual and physical life. When the attention of the mind is outside, in fulfilling the desires of life, it’s not the brain, but it’s the spirit, that fulfills its desires through the body, heart, and brain, and when the same spirit, finds no meaning or purpose out of its mundane desire, it begins to move inward, to look for more meaning of life.

It’s the spirit only, that looks for the purpose of his own existence and life as a whole.

When the spirit begins to unveil everything of the subtle world, it comes close to his personal self. More and more the attention moves inward, more and more it comes closer to unlock his own spiritual energy that can help the spirit to detach itself, from the body and experience the truth of his own existence, and the life as a whole.

The brain thinks, imagine things, create logic out of things, analyze and evaluate life, because of the subtle thread of the spirit, passing through the brain. The brain cannot functions on its own, unless the subtle thread of the spirit, works through it.

The role of the brain is to make alive the experiences and impressions recorded in the past, into the spirit as well as the fresh experiences and impressions accumulated through senses. The process of brain, heart, and body initiates from the brain and ends with the body. The life initiates with the brain. Everything of the heart too comes from the brain.

It’s not the brain, that stores the data, but the spirit that holds everything into it, in the form of experiences and impressions. Once the experience or impressions get registered into the spirit, and it stays into the spirit. The experiences and impressions don’t have an image, while it is present in the spirit, but only when the impression or experience comes in contact with the brain through the subtle thread, the experience or impressions from the past gets alive. You always have a choice, to either bring past experience and impressions, back into your life experience or completely wash off the experience.

With life either on the spiritual or physical level, once you have the higher experience, you never tend to move back to the lesser experience. With the mind, it may be possible that you repeat or expand the same experience, but with the spirit, if you have experienced something higher, you never tend to get to the lower experience, but you make the higher experience as an integral part of your life, and always look for the higher experience.

After the realization, to merge with the consciousness or be with it, all the time, is the only purpose remains for the spirit, while the life on the physical level, goes on, out of higher wisdom and bliss. Necessary action too is possible, if required on the physical level, with the consciousness, depending on the individual.

With spirituality, truth is added to life, and with the truth, you never go wrong with life. The path of self-realization, only takes you higher and higher, closing the gap between the illusion and reality of life.

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