Stay Awake to have Wisdom, and Blissful Experience.


Life is all about experience. You know life, only through experience. Each one has a limited time with life, be it forty, fifty, or sixty years. The life is lived in this limited time, and not only that, in this limited time, you have to figure out your existential truth.

When you are born, you come out of your Mother’s womb, but it doesn’t give any clue about the source of life. The child’s birth, doesn’t give the source of life, and there is no way to find it. Life is much more than your physical appearance. You certainly experience life through body, but experience happens through sensation.

Breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination are the subtle aspect of life, that allows you to experience life.

You can know the existential truth of life, if you stay awake at the time of death, although, than it become too late, to know the truth, as you already leave the body. The beauty of life can be experienced, if you know the existential truth of life, when you are alive.

Stay awake to have a blissful experience and to know the wisdom of life. You cannot go back to the  womb, and neither you can wait for the death, to realize the truth, and thus to understand life, all you can do, is to stay awake in the moment, when life is happening to you.

Life comes out of you. Life exists because you exists. Once you leave these earth, even if the life exists it doesn’t matter to you. The life is happening through you. If you wish to know anything about life, the first thing you have to understand, is everything that takes place within you.

You cannot directly stay aware in the moment, and so you have to create a path, that allows you to stay in the moment. Once you have a glimpse of a present moment, without the interference of mind, you can expand the experience, into a full-fledged life.

The inflow and outflow of breathe takes place within you, all the time, and its the best way to stay awake in the moment. You cannot become alert when you get into the situation, or the situation comes to you, but to stay awake in the moment, is a continuous process.

You cannot lose your awareness of the moment, and have a laid back attitude. Life is happening every moment, and if your awareness slip back even for a moment, mind is powerful enough, to take you on its own ride.

To have the wisdom and blissful experience of life, you have to stay awake all the time. The path begins when you move inward. You can choose, either your breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, or thoughts, whatever seems convenient.

The only way to understand life, is not by going backward or moving forward, but staying in the moment, all the time.

All the situations, events and experiences of life, that is happening outside comes out of your past and the people you are connected in this life, but how you perceive the events, situations and experiences of life, absolutely depends upon you.

Its not necessary that one event of life, can be perceived in the same way by everyone, and to know your perception towards life, into different situations, you have to move inward.

From breathe, to sensation, thoughts to feelings and emotions, everything is interconnected, and if any one of these, gets triggered, you notice the changes in other. Your perception too comes out of these. You have a locked spiritual energy within you, that allows the process of brain, heart and body to take place.

“You are not limited to the situations, events or experiences of past, present and future, but you have the power to alter both your inner as well as outer experiences of life, by staying aware in the moment.”

Life is not limited to the physical body, but you have the spirit within the body, along with the soul. Spirit is a subtle thread, that carries the sensation for you to experience life. Its not the physical body that experience life, but its the spirit that experience life, through the physical body.

Say for e.g., Astronauts wear specifically designed suits, when they travel to Mars, or Moon, in a similar way, physical body is naturally designed for us to experience life on earth.

Physical body expands from the time of child’s birth, and with the time dies and decay, once its loses energy for its sustenance. Physical body has a limited time, and in the limited time, it grows, expands and later wither away just like a leaf from the tree, or any other thing of the nature.

Physical body, including the brain and heart is just an instrument to experience life, and this can be known, once you move deeper within yourself to know your breathe, sensation, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The spirit within the body can get detached and can be experienced by everyone. The only thing is, spirit doesn’t leave the body, before death.

“All the spiritual, religious, out-of-body experience, Near Death experience, are an experience of the detachment of the spirit from the physical body.”

The third eye on the forehead region is the centre that allows you to experience life, without the interference of the past. Life seems complex when your perception carries the past impressions or experience of the situation or the moment.

Its the subtle thread of the spirit that allows the process of thoughts, imagination and different process of the brain. Third eye allows you to see through things, without the interference of the thought process.

The blissful experience is an experience, when the spirit or subtle thread gets absolute detached from the physical body, and rise higher to the seat of the soul, i.e. the space of higher vibrations.

Wisdom of life is to look at the situation, events or experience of life, with its past, present and future. To have wisdom of life, is to know the natural process of life.

The natural process of life on the existence is the same, as the life unfold within you. When you begin to stay awake in the moment, and keep observing everything that takes place within you, you begin to understand the natural process of life.

With life, the natural process of life remains the same, for everything that gets created, operated and gets destroyed in the long run. Everything that exists in the universe, holds its unique nature. The process of formation remains the same with everyone, only the nature differs.

Say for e.g., humans have soul, spirit, and physical body. Now, everyone has the soul, spirit and body, but physical body with its brain, and heart holds its unique nature.

At the level of soul, and spiritual energy its the same, but when it comes to experience’s and impressions of an individual and further expressions out of the experience differs.

The formation of living and non-living things even such as sun and moon is the same. They both comes out of higher vibrations and energy to sustain life on earth, but when it comes to their individual nature or role, it differs.

“You have been designed in a way, where you can experience the creator and its process within you.”

The process takes place in everything in the universe, in the same way, either living, non-living, moving, or stagnant. When it comes to human, it differs with the experience and impressions, that he allows himself to go through, while when it comes to the other things that exists in the universe, other than the human, holds its own specific role to serve the life on existence.

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