Author: Modern Age Spirituality

The name of the author is Roshan Sharma. He has written over 400 blogs covering the topics, from God to religion, spirituality, philosophy, mind, psychology, awareness, consciousness, energy, vibrations and many more. He is a regular practitioner of meditation and an avid reader of life. Everything that is shared in the blog or book is out of inner experience. He has been part of many spiritual organizations but always believed that everything that exists in the outside world in relation to god or the self is only the pointer to the inner truth. The inner truth can only be realized inside by one’s own effort. With life, what’s important is, the way you understand life. If your understanding itself goes against the way of life, you can only move away from life rather coming closer to it. The process of life doesn’t initiate with the mind, but you have something more exists in you, out of which the process of life happens through you. Unless you recognize that source in you, from where the process of life initiates, all the chaos and confusion, and stress and suffering will be part of your life. Your daily life has to happen from the source and not with the mind. The self-realization is the ultimate purpose of life. The process of self-realization is to direct the mind towards the source. With the self-realization, you develop altogether a different perception towards life. You perceive life from the pure state of mind, or you can say the life reflects on your pure state of mind, the way moon reflects in the river. You become the observer of life.

The Act of Observing Gives you Clarity of life


The act of observing life is to see. Very few people know this truth that with the mind you can see life. The mind is not limited to the thinking or imagination, but mind can also have an ability to see through life.

You receive the clarity when you develop an art of observing life. To observe life is an art. You can try it in this moment.

Just take five minutes for yourself. Stop doing everything only for five minutes, and for this five minutes, bring all your attention to this moment. (more…)

How to Connect with the Source?


Every day we strive for different experiences of life. We all feel we are chasing our dreams and desires, but all our dreams and desires are nothing but different experiences of life.

The source too is an experience, but the experience which is eternal. All other experiences of life fade away with time, but the experience of the source stays forever. Your life transcends forever with the realization of source. You see the same world with a different perception.


Life is like a Roller-Coaster Ride


If you imagine the life to behave in a certain way, then certainly you will get into the delusion of life. Life is like a roller-coaster ride, whereby you will experience all sorts of emotions within the self. It’s not limited to the happiness, nor its limited to the sadness. It’s an adventure trip where you experience all sorts of emotions that can give you fulfillment in life.

You can satisfy yourself just with the feeling of happiness. The value of happiness can only come out of suffering. It’s only when you go through pain or suffering, you start valuing joy and happiness. (more…)

Your Dedication and Commitment pay Off all the time

Getting ready for training

Many have these complaints from life, that they have given everything, but still, they missed the success. They did all the hard work, but they haven’t received their dues from life.

When I see life, somehow I feel that it’s we who take our lives forward. You receive in equal proportion that you have given to life. Your dedication and commitment pay off all the time. (more…)

Meditation is the Way


You have heard about spiritual path, religious path, the path of mindfulness, zen way of living, the path of present moment awareness, amongst all of these path’s, Meditation too is a path.

Meditation is not just another practice, but meditation is a way of life. You can create your whole new life, by practicing meditation. Your choice and decisions will change, once you start practicing meditation. (more…)

Set your Daily Life into the Process


Life is a process. Anything that you see in the form of manifestation comes out of a definite process. If you want something in your life, get yourself into a process, and you will achieve the same in a short span of time.

What is a process?

The process is a mechanism out of which the things get manifestation. (more…)

What are the qualities for successful management?


No matter what you do in life, you are managing one thing or the other. Either you are managing personal life, professional life or the life of your own, you want to be successful.

Successful management is not limited to the corporate businesses, rather successful management is a need of every individual. Every person is an institution in itself. Unless he knows, how to successfully manage himself, he cannot taste the success in life. (more…)

Life is all about Momentum


Momentum is a movement. The movement could be in any direction. The movement could be in a positive direction or negative direction.

Life is all about momentum. Either your life flows in a positive direction or your life flows in a negative direction. If you don’t hold control over your life, it will flow in the same direction, that it carries from the past. (more…)

Change is the Spice of Life


Life gets boring if you follow the same routine. You need a change once in a while. Change adds spice to life.

You have to feel good about life all the time. Only then you can carry your enthusiasm and take your life forward. In life, we have so many things to do, and experience life in different ways.  (more…)

How Mind is different from Consciousness?


The mind is the surface reality, while the consciousness is the deeper truth of life. Both mind and consciousness are one and the same but their experience differs.

To experience the mind, all you need to do is, close your eyes, and you will experience the activities in the mind. To experience the consciousness, all the activities of the mind cease to exists. The experience of consciousness happens, when you dive deeper within the self, beyond the surface layer of the mind. (more…)