It’s Necessary to have a Break from Life


Your mind expands and contracts with different experiences of life. When you get into your repetitive cycle of life, the mind tends to contracts over the time. The mind needs space to expand. With the daily routine, the mind gets tied up in such way, that you lose even a simple understanding towards life.

All your stress, anger, chaos or confusion is not due to the situation or people around you, but it’s just because of the contraction of your mind. (more…)

How to be Happy all the time?


The dreams and desires that you chase in the outside world or the basic needs that you fulfill to survive exists not outside but inside.

If you have to describe your pain or suffering, where you will look for the information or data, outside or inside?

The same applies for the happiness. To experience the happiness all the time, there is one place, where you have to search for and that is within. In the outside world, we manifest our inner dreams and desires, but it all exists inside. (more…)

How to Develop Decision-Making Power?


Decision-making is a skill that can be developed by making everyday choices and decisions in your life.

Whenever you face a problem, either you look for the solution or remain caught up with the different choices you receive in the form of a solution. One way to choose from the multiple solutions is to hold patience. It’s the patience in the moment that allows the right solution to come to the surface. (more…)

Why the Experience of Absolute Truth is Important for Life?


Life is viewed from different perspectives. There are two perspectives out of which we can comprehend life. Relative and absolute. Relative is the one, that you live day in day out and the absolute is the universal for every individual.

Many don’t even believe, that some higher understanding exists, beyond their usual way of looking at life. But this belief can only be changed, if the person himself experience life, beyond his normal perception towards life.

Why it’s important to experience the absolute truth?

Well if life has been limited to our relative perception, than it would have been alright, but that’s not the case. Life itself holds the universal view, and unfolds accordingly. That’s the only reason, many go on projecting life in different ways, and still never get hold of it. (more…)

Five Sheaths that covers the Source in the Body


The physical body that you see as “I” holds the source, spirit, mind, the main nerves of the physical body, and the physical body. The physical body is divided into five sheaths. The source resides in the innermost sheath of the body.

The physical body, to which you all are familiar with, is the outermost covering of your body. To live and experience the physical world, you need the physical body. Without the physical body human life is not possible. It’s the physical sheath to cover the subtle sheaths of the body.

As you move inward and realize your spirit and awareness field, you figure out the main nerves of the physical body, which is directly connected to the spirit and awareness field. The spirit is the life’s energy that nourishes the physical body with the main nerves system. (more…)

Drop Yourself, to Experience the Ultimate Truth


You might have heard about inclusive mentality, whereby you think and feel one with the whole. I have tried to understand the truth behind the inclusive reality, from the point of view, of the Experience of the Whole.

To realize the whole or to experience the ultimate truth of life, you have to fulfill only one condition, and i.e. to drop yourself. No matter what path you choose, or which religion you belong, or which spiritual path you adapt, you just cannot carry yourself into that ultimate experience. So, the whole is realized, only when you are ready to drop yourself.

When you carry an inclusive idea for life, where you include everything and exclude nothing, but from where I see life, this cannot stand the truth, till the time you hold yourself. (more…)

You are the Spectator of your Life

This is the hardest truth of life, which is impossible for any mind to digest. You can never consider yourself, mere the spectator of your life. Let me tell you, you are nothing more than that, and this I confirm you, out of an experience and not merely out of ego.

This is something, each individual can experience for himself. We all are the spectators of life, and we all have very little control over the things, that truly matters, to sustain life.

You, as a spectator simply goes through different experiences of life, with your body, brain, and heart. You don’t do things, but life happens to you, in different ways, and you get an impression about yourself, that you are the doer. This is the magic of life. (more…)

All the Expressions, is for this World, Except your Personal Divine Experience


Only your personal divine experience is absolutely yours, and rest belongs to the world. Even your expression, about the divine experience, belongs to this world. All the expressions, in any form, belong to this world. Personal divine experience is a unique experience, beyond which no experience remains for you to experience.

It’s the only and ultimate truth, that exists on earth and rest are the expressions in one or the other form. The entire spiritual or religious path is to take you towards that experience. At the end of the path, you realize yourself as divine.

As you proceed on the path, initially part of you seems divine. More you move deeper, more you realize the divinity within, and when you reach to that ultimate experience, you experience yourself as divine. (more…)

Rise above the Information, and Get into the Experiences of Life


Life is an experience. You can know about the football, or you can play the game itself. When you collect information about football, it’s just information, but unless you bring that information, onto the playground, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Knowledge or information in regards to anything is no more than a signpost, on the side of the path. You can go on, accumulating information or knowledge, but unless you make a practical application, into your life, you stay at the same place. Information is important, but even without information, you can directly experience life. Yes, information does make your path easier. It guides you.

It shows you the direction, but remembers, if you get stuck in collecting the sign-posts or information with life, you can understand, how far you can reach, on your path? (more…)

What is the Reality of Life?


Whatever I experience with life is it a mind-made thing or it’s the reality?

If I throw you, in the cage of hungry tiger’s, will you be eaten by the tigers in real or the tiger will just be the imagination of your mind?

You know the answer.

How to differentiate between the illusion and reality of life? (more…)