The path of Mindfulness for the Responsive Life


Your whole life is full of reaction. All the situations, people, and events in your life are present to you and you have the limited choice to choose from. You always have the option to pick from, what’s available to you at the moment.

Although you want something else, but life has been designed in such a way, that you only have to pick that which is in-front of you. (more…)

Mindfulness: Bringing Attention to Life


Every day you go through different experiences, collect impressions, face situations, events, people in your life. Whatever you experience, everything gathers inside your mind in the form of memories.

The memories of your mind come from outside, gets stored inside and out of the choices from those memories, you create fresh experiences in your life.

You definitely live your life outside, but you create your life inside, knowingly or unknowingly. When you follow the path of mindfulness, you bring attention to life. You start understanding the accumulation of memories that you have gathered over the time, as well as the memories that you go on accumulating with each passing day. (more…)