How to Serve the Need of the Moment?


We are into the process of life, where every moment has its needs. We have to serve the need of the moment. At the same time, we have experienced a part of life which is hovering into our mind in the form of memories and not only that our mind also knows how to dive into the future imagination, which is yet to come in our experience.

This sometimes makes the process of life difficult and we find it hard to take our life forward. In the midst of all the chaos of life, there is a way where we can find our path and constantly move forward taking care of everything that comes on our path. (more…)

How to beat Procrastination in Life?


Procrastination is about delaying things. You know it’s important, but you have the tendency to delay it for the future as if something is going to change in the future.

Procrastination happens by two ways, either its conscious procrastination or unconscious procrastination. (more…)

The Best Life Advice for 2017


First of all, I would like to wish a very happy new year to all our readers and heartfelt thank you for being a part of our life and motivate and inspire us to keep us going.

We couldn’t have moved forward unless we have received all the love and support from you all. May this year bring all the love and light in everyone’s life. (more…)

What is External Reality and What is Internal Reality?


The external reality is with which we all are familiar with. With the senses, it’s easier to understand the external reality. Whatever exists in the external world comes into the external reality.

You see the sun, moon, stars, air, sky, earth, ocean, and different natural elements of life, that are already placed in the universe. You see the physical manifestation of life creates by humans. It’s all are part of the external reality.

When it comes to your life, you see people, you experience situations and events in your life.

When it comes to internal reality, you have dreams, desires want, needs, pleasures, thoughts, feelings, emotions, breath, sensation, imagination, subtle impressions of the external reality. It all comes into the internal reality. (more…)

Improve upon Yourself and Life (Understanding) will come to you


Ignorance chase life, understanding allows you to create a space in you, where life comes to you. It’s all depends on you. Either you want to chase life or you want the life to come to you?

The biggest struggle the person ever have is with his daily problems of life. The harder he tries, the more he fails. Then where is the ultimate solution to all the problems of life?

The only solution with life is, improve upon your inner being, and the solution that is needed for your problem will appear in front of you. You don’t have to chase anything, but anything that you need, creates a right intent and much-needed space within you, and in your life, and you will receive it. (more…)

Live your Truth, to move towards the Whole Truth


Everyone lives with the perspective towards life. Either it’s your personal or professional life, or be it, any situation, event or experience of life, you already have a perspective on it.

Anything you do and live your life with has your perspective. Many times, you do things that others don’t understand and then it may happen that you spend the time to explain them, what you are up to. This happens with everyone. You want others to understand, what goes within you, but you fail. Not you, but everyone fails to put their perspective across.

Many times you want to prove to the world that you are right and many people struggle with their life to prove their point to the world. With life, you can never prove that you are right and you can never prove anything to the world because the world doesn’t exist, other than in your mind. (more…)

The Key to All the Problems of Life is inside


What is a problem?

The situation that holds a solution, but in the moment, you simply feel you have been caught in it. There are minor problems and there are major problems, but to each and every problem of life, there is a solution.

The solution is not somewhere outside, but it’s in the way you perceive the problem. Problems exist in you, and so does the solution. The only work requires solving any problem of your life, is the real work on you. (more…)

People are more Important than Work


With life what matters the most is work. No matter what, work needs to be done. This is how we understand life works. It’s even hard to imagine that work is secondary and people come first. We work for the people, and work exists because of the people.

Each day we experience different situations and events of life. Each situation and events of our life, allows us to interact with people. But, whenever we get into any situation, rather even bother to think, what other person think or feels, we already carry our perspective into the situation and want the life to happen our ways.

Every individual who walks into different situation or events of your life carries his own individuality and his own perspective and his own feelings and emotions into it. If you are not bothered to respect others individuality and others perspective and others feelings and emotions, all you do is simply detach yourself from the natural process of life.Each individual who walks this earth is equally important from the perspective of life. (more…)

Life Lessons from the Rising Sun


At times, our outside situations of life seem like, we are done with life. We have all we need to have, in terms of personal or professional success. We don’t have any reason, to move forward with life.

But wait, here there is a wonderful lesson from the rising sun. The sun is same like you. Just another being, having a different role to play. You and sun are very much the same. You have a different role, and the sun has a different role to play.

Try to understand the nature of the sun, and you will never ever think, to stop at any stage of your life. The sun rises every morning, no matter what the life on existence has achieved. It has evolved over the years, but the sun never stopped to rise, and always on the path of eternal journey of life. (more…)

What is Truth? Science or Spirituality?

Spirituality relates to God, religion, soul, spirit, and everything that takes in a subtle form, while science is the physical manifestation of life. Spirituality is all about experience, while science is all about experiment.

When it comes to life, our understanding is limited to the perception of our mind, but the process of life, begins much deeper beyond the mind. If you try to comprehend the life with the mind, you will always fall short in understanding life.

The mind understands the process of birth and death, but don’t know what takes place before the birth and after the death. The life with the mind is limited from the time of birth till you die. Beyond it, it cannot comprehend life.

The process of life doesn’t initiate with birth but before you are born, and on top of that, it doesn’t ends with death, but the process still goes on, after death.

The process before the birth and what happens after the death can be known, once you understand yourself from within. By understanding yourself, you understand the process of life.

We live life out of our understanding. Your understanding comes out of experience. Now, when you don’t have the absolute or total experience of life, you always hold limited understanding towards life, and your choice and decisions too remains limited to your understanding.

Everyone knows from within, that they have no clue of, what’s going on, with their life. Each individual is simply repeating the circle of life, and fulfilling the obligations of their day-to-day life.

They don’t know where to look for, for the truth. They try to understand life with the mind, but you have to understand that, mind is already standing in the middle of the path, and from the middle of the path, you cannot have complete understanding towards life.

From the middle, if you try to look forward, you cannot see anything but an empty space. Your future comes out of present action, so you cannot understand life, looking into the future, as there is no future, unless you act in the present moment.

Can we figure out the solution in the past? then, past is already gone, and when we look back, we do get some life lessons, but that life lessons doesn’t shows us, the life in its totality.

There is only one way to understand the process of past, present and future, and that is to understand you. When you begin to understand yourself from within, you begin to understand the process of life.

If I talk the way, that even layman can understand, than the query that bothers to a spiritual person, or the one who wants to know the truth of life is, either outside life is truth, or what’s going on, inside of me, is the truth?

What should I look for? And which is more reliable?

On the path of spirituality or to know the truth, you have to have a deep burning inside, and your inner fire can take you to the truth, but life doesn’t ends there. At the level of mind outside situation, events and people in your life still exists. Still you have your daily obligations towards life.

Life begins with God, and existence. God is the creator of life, and he creates the entire system, for the sustenance of human life on earth, say air, water, food and whatever you need for the survival of life on earth.

Moving forward, when you come down, you carry the part of god, which can be termed as soul. The nature of soul is a higher vibration. Soul vibrates at higher vibrations.

Soul has a spirit. Spirit is a subtle thread that can expand and contrast and carries the energy and sensation. Soul along with the spirit comes down to earth, and forms a physical body.

Physical body, you are all familiar with. Physical body grows and expand with the help of the subtle thread of the spirit. Your personal identity gradually develops with the different experiences and impressions of life, to which you relate with, all the time in your mind.

Now you have a soul with the vibrating nature, spirit, which carries the subtle thread, along with the energy and sensation and brain, heart and body to carry out the functions of life.

Now everything has its role and function. Brain has its own function, heart has its own function and body has its own function. When spirit enters into the brain, and triggers different part of the brain, the brain gets active and begins its function. Later the same subtle thread, passes through the brain, and spread over the entire body.

Your feeling of thoughts, feelings and emotions is because of the sensation in the body. The creator of brain, heart and body is all the spirit and soul in the body.

Now, physical body have senses to experience outside life. Brain has different functions i.e., imagination, logic, reasoning, evaluating, analyzing, sense of individuality, and a free-will.  Science comes out of, exploring the outside life with the mind. Now mind will not tell you, anything about spirituality unless you direct your mind and senses from outside life, to within. Till then, you can go on experimenting and exploring the outside world, and you will certainly come up with different creative and innovative things, that will serve life.

Anything that exists on the existence, serves life, and that’s the only reason creator has created it.

Now the point is, science is truth? Yes science is truth, because to sustain life on earth, you have to explore the existence with the mind and each day you have to come up with something new, that can serve to our day-to-day living.

When we are discussing outside life, in the outside world we face different situations and events in our personal and professional life.

When you are on a spiritual path, you are less concerned about the personal or professional life, but let me tell you, it all depends upon an individuals present situation, where it stands, with his relationships and his financial obligations, as both these aspects of life are equally important, and you cannot forge any of your personal or professional life, for the sake of spiritual path, unless you are ready to pay a heavy price for it.

In truth, all your situations and events of your life are true, and even on the spiritual path, you have to consider both the aspects of life, be it personal or professional, according to your present situation.

The spiritual path is not about being careless about your personal or professional life, but with the heightened awareness, tackling it with grace, and moving forward on your spiritual path.

Life is a continuous process and it begins with the soul, and ends with experiencing life outside, in different ways. Our role is to understand life, at the level of mind, and then rise above it, to realize the truth behind it.

Once you realize the truth, you take care of life, at the level of mind, in a more efficient manner. Life follows a process, and when you understand your internal process, you bring every part of life, closer to the natural process of life.

All your personal and professional commitments of life, is equally important and should be managed in the most efficient manner, so that you have the time, to explore your inner world. More you explore your inner world, more you come closer to the truth of life, dropping all the illusions of the outside life, at the level of mind.

Everything with life is real, except your idea about it. Only the idea about an experience or situation or event or a person is an illusion, and your experience in the moment is real.

“Everything both inside or outside happening in the present moment is real and what’s your mind thinks about it, is an illusion.”

Your personal and professional life comes out of your past, and thus you can bring the necessary change to it, if you begin to take right steps, from this moment.

When it comes to spiritual exploration, all you need to do is to create intent to know the truth, and your life will be driven in that direction.

The only thing that needs to be understood on the spiritual path or to the ultimate truth of life is, nothing is exclusive but everything is inclusive.

Even after the realization of truth, you have to come back to life, and face the same situations, and people. The only difference will be, your experience with the truth. After the realization, you won’t get caught up in the mind made story of yours, or of others.

The true purpose of life is to realize ones true self and live life with the highest wisdom, spreading ones bliss onto others. You cannot give your experience to others, but when if somebody sees you living life, at the fullest, he will be very much inclined towards the truth. Your realization of truth will motivate others to look into themselves, to look for their truth of life.

Both science and spirituality, is truth of life. To know the ultimate truth, you have to move towards the spirituality, and once the truth is discovered, you have to come back, to the same world of science, i.e. at the level of mind, but with a different perspective towards life.

Even if you are living at the level of mind, you are living the truth. All is needed, is to explore the deeper truth of life. i.e. within beyond the mind.