Why is Rest and Relaxation Important in Life?


When you see life as a whole, you observe that the process of life is already happening without your presence. You exist to participate in the existing process of life. Your presence is required as an addition, and not as a sole driver of life. The life can happen without you.

When you consider yourself the sole driver of life, it becomes impossible for you to take time out for rest and relax, from your daily schedule of life.

Every individual carries an idea for life, and if your idea of life doesn’t allow you to slow down for rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself, you happen to be the driver of a car, that doesn’t have a break. Once you start the car, it just doesn’t stop.

Resting and relaxing is just like a break in the car. Wherever its require you put on the break. You know that break is equally important in the car, but you never give due importance to the necessary breaks required for the body and mind. You keep going on and on, without applying break in your life.

You need to slow down your pace of life so that you can see more with life. You can have altogether different perspective towards life that you are experiencing at the moment.

When you rest and relax, you not only rejuvenate your body and mind but you also prepare yourself for the new experiences of life. The daily process of life is such that it simply repeats itself. When you take time out for yourself to unwind, you open yourself to the different possibilities of life.

The life that exists in you needs time to unwind itself. It cannot go on and on without having time to relax and let loose itself.

There is magic in resting and relaxing your body and mind. Things start to take a shift inside. The key is your awareness. When you are aware of the changes you notice, while you are at ease, you connect with the life that unfolds inside.

When you continuously keep on moving, you don’t give time to yourself to slow down and unwind yourself from inside. The weeks and months and years pass by, and you go on repeating the same process of life.

Many times I wonder, what if, I am unable to fulfill my obligations towards life?

Then I realize whatever I create, will be replaced by another. So any action I take should be for personal gratitude and to take life forward. I should not worry about the sheer burden created by the mind, nor should be bound by the daily action or work, rather feel the personal freedom, even while going through the daily course of life.

When I choose to rest and relax, I gather enough energy to carry on with life. The life itself is not a problem, but when you go on with life without a break is a problem.

From time to time, our body and mind need some time to unwind itself. When your body and mind is absolutely relaxed, you can see more in the moment. The window of your mind to see life in the moment opens up. Your perspective expands to view life. The happening of present events of your life becomes clearer to you.

When you take time out for yourself, you allow your body and mind to grow within. The life is not all about work, but you have to have my time, whereby you can refresh and unwind yourself.

We believe we know life, but when you consciously get out of life and then introspect your own life with a fresh mind, you will see the truth of life, which is otherwise not visible, while going through the hectic schedule of daily life.

You grow and evolve with action and the actions come by directly seeing into life. The majority of us, don’t see life rather live into our thinking and imagination. When you take time out for yourself, you don’t live life with your thinking or imagination; rather you develop a special ability to see through life.

It’s only by seeing in the moment, you see the path ahead in life.

Life follows a life-cycle. When you simply rotate the daily process of life, you paddle the same life-cycle over and over again. You need some time for yourself, so that you stop paddling the same life-cycle, and see where you are heading towards life.

To change the direction, you have to take a pause in the moment.

There is a beautiful quote from Lao Tzu, “If you do not change the direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

So, before you change the direction, it’s important you take a pause and look at life. You have to see, where you are heading. It’s only by seeing, you can change your path of life.

People don’t see opportunities in the moment. For me, life is full of opportunities. You don’t need anything else other than the connection with your inner world, to move forward with life. Life is available to you all the time, provided you wait and see the life that is happening in the moment.

All the signs and omens are available at the moment. The next step is always available at the moment. The new path is created not only by walking but by seeing. You can only walk the path if you can see the path into your mind. Seeing comes first, the action comes later.

Resting and relaxing helps you to prepare for the toughest roads of life. Life is not about aggression, but life is all about understanding and when you let go your present life completely, the understanding of life comes to you.

The key is to allow the space for the life to flow from within. If you are already occupied with the outside stuff all the time, nothing new can ever happen to you, but you go on repeating the same memories, over and over again.

To allow yourself for the new experiences, you have to open up from inside, and there is no better way to open up, other than to separate yourself from the daily chaos of life and give some time to develop an eye, that can see through life.

How to Fulfill your Life-Long Desires?


Everything you wish for life is your desire. Some desires hold our hearts, while others are simply passing desires; those are not necessary matters to us.

The life is full of desires, but there are few things that become an integral part of our life. We want them badly, no matter what. In the blog, no judgment has been passed on to the desires, as been right or wrong, and only the just and right ways, have been shared so that you can fulfill your life-long desire, and cherish the most beautiful gift called desire. (more…)

The Cause of Suffering in Life


Do pain and suffering comes from outside, or every individual is responsible for his suffering in life?

If the pain and suffering come from outside then you cannot do anything about it, and you have to live with it. If that is life than the life is not worth striving for, as it’s full of pain and suffering, but that’s not the truth of life.

The truth is something else that we all have to seek. It’s only the seeker looks within. Rest of us, remain caught up in the chaos of the outside world. (more…)

How to Understand the Nature of the Mind?


The mind is a big basket that accumulates everything from the impressions and experiences of the daily life and repeats and multiplies it thousand times to form the thoughts and imagination out of it.

You cannot control the nature of the mind, but you can understand the nature of the mind and only pick the things that seem essential for you for your life. (more…)

Only by Observing, you Create Balance with Life



Each day you experience life. Sometimes you feel good, and sometimes you feel bad. Sometimes you are in stress and sometimes you are overwhelmed. You never find a balance with life.

Sometimes you work too much and sometimes you eat too much. Sometimes you take care, all of your relationships, and sometimes, it’s hard to find time, for your loved ones.

Life needs a balance, and balance comes from wisdom. Wisdom is not something that you receive in a day but you develop an understanding towards life, by experimenting and observing your life. (more…)

Ultimate Goal is to Establish Oneself, into the state of Self-Realization


The journey is from Toe to top of the Head, and it takes many life-times, to accomplish this feat.

You move with a goal. You have to have a purpose with life. Purpose adds meaning to life. Goal or purpose doesn’t detach you from life, but it serves you to embrace everything with life. For Goal, you need a path. Unless you have a path, you cannot reach your goal. Goal and path go hand in hand. The goal is a destination, the path is a route. If you don’t have even one, you lose the track of life.

Without Goal or destination, you will never know where you are heading towards life. In the same way, if you are not clear about the path, you have been given beautiful mind, which can create a hell out of you. (more…)

Be the Seer to Untie the Knot of Life.

The seer experience life, simply as an observer. You participate with your body; heart and mind into different situations, events and experiences of life, but within, you only remains a seer of both the inside as well as outside life.

The humans are tied with both the physical as well as subtle knots. When you are not conscious of, what’s going on, in your subtle world, your mind dwells on, into a physical level, thinking about the past and future into the present moment.

If by any chance, if you are directed inward, and you can experience the subtle reality of life, that manifest in your physical world, you go on thinking, and feeling in your subtle world.

Your attention moves inward, but now even with your inner attention, you remain lost in the subtle world of thoughts, imagination, feelings and emotions.

You can see everything that goes in your inner world, but as your attention gets on and off, sometimes you get lost into the subtle reality of life.

When you see your subtle reality of life, and when you hold the power to turn it into your physical reality, you get lost in the manifestation of it.

When you create your physical reality from your subtle reality, your spirit again ties to the body and you lose your consciousness by entangling yourself into the physical world.

The seer or observer not only observes different situations or events of your life, but it also becomes the seer to your inner thoughts and imagination.

The process of seer begins when you observe your daily situations of life. When you can see your daily situations and events of your life, slowly your attention shifts inward to the subtle world, where you experience all of your physical reality, into your subtle world.

When you see your subtle reality, you only feel the sensation for your feelings and emotions, and for your thoughts, you sense the flow of waves into your brain, while for the picture, you see the images into your mind.

The process of untying the knot of spirit from the body begins when you can simply observe the entire process, without interference.

When things are going on, in your subtle world, you are compelled to act on them. When you act, you again get tied to the body.

To simply remain a seer to both your inner as well as outside world, asks for the deep concentration. If even for a moment, your attention slips away, you fall back into the trap of both the subtle as well as physical reality of life.

Even without your interference life is happening. Mind thinks something else, and life reacts in an absolutely different way.

With the seer, you don’t carry any idea for life. You don’t make any choice, but you stay aware of the moment, of both, of your physical as well as subtle life.

With the seer, you observe that outside situations and events of life, is constantly changing. The mind creates some idea for the day, but the day shapes in a different way. If you hold onto your idea of life, you create judgement, and with judgement towards life, you always fail.

Sometimes you get a profitable idea, into your subtle world, and you tend to jump onto an idea, by losing your awareness. Once you lose the seer, it again asks you to go through the process, to get to the same space.

When you act, the spirit begins to tie itself to the body, and create such a complex web, that it gets hard for anyone to escape.

The nature of the seer is to observe. It’s an empty space with higher vibrations. It doesn’t indulge, but simply remain into the body, as a witness. It’s a space within your mind, where you can get absolutely detaches from the physical as well as subtle impressions and rejuvenates yourself.

In general, when you wake up, your mind already carries the thoughts for the day. If you are unconscious, you begin to take actions towards life. If you are conscious of, your subtle world, you make a choice with it, and only choose the best one for yourself.

If you have realized the seer, you simply observe the mind, and look into the past. Today’s life situation will be based on your past.

Whatever you experience today comes out of your past life’s situation, and the way you respond to them in the present moment, you create your future out of it.

More importantly, if you wish to bring something fresh to your life or you wish to change your past, than you can alter your response in the present moment, and create a fresh path in the present moment, to have a different future than your past.

The life with the seer is to look into the past, present and future. Nothing is hidden from the seer. Whenever you experience anything in the present moment, it’s only because you have acted in the past, and in the present moment, you experience the situation that is the extended version of the past.

Life extends in the present moment, out of your past, and your future comes out of, your response in the present moment.

The seer or observer not only allow you to create the future, of your choice, but it also keeps you detached from the past, present and future life. With the seer, you are always present in the moment.

No matter what the situation suggests, you stay present in the moment, with a seer, having a thorough understanding of the situation.

The subtle or physical life cannot deceive you with the seer. You don’t get caught up, in the outside situation or events of life, but you simply adjust yourself, in the moment, to serve the present moment, as you always know, that whatever may be the situation might like in the moment, you always hold the power to change the future, with your actions.

With the seer, you always ride above the different situations, events and experiences of life. You allow both the physical as well as subtle life to take place, on its own, and wherever you find the opportunity in the present moment; you simply change the path of the situation, in the direction of your choice.

The seer is a simple presence in the moment. When you try to observe life, at the level of mind, it seems impossible to get a glimpse of the seer. It’s just because you have too much accumulated stuff, within the body, that it becomes impossible to see your true self.

When you look inside, you sense the breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, imagination, dreams, desires. Accumulation of all of these, creates the subtle body inside, that strongly attach to the physical body. Your reaction to any situation is simply a result of your strong attachment of the subtle body to the physical.

We can observe our breathe, sensation, feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, dreams, desires, imagination within ourselves, and rise above it. When you reach to the state of no-mind state, you experience yourself in the form of subtle thread, i.e. spirit. The spirit is a moving energy within the body that carries the sensation and passes through the brain, heart and body, for you to experience life.

When you realize your spirit, you experience that, the subtle thread of the spirit can expand into the mind, heart and body, and when you simply move inward to observe your spirit, the same subtle thread, seclude itself, to rise higher to experience the observer.

The subtle thread of the spirit creates a web, around the physical body, that unless you untie the knot of the spirit, you cannot experience observer.

The first experience of an observer happens by itself, and later when the mind captures the experience, it practices with itself, to get back to the same experience.

Slowly with the practice, the personality of the mind establishes itself into an observer, and experiences both the physical as well as subtle world.

The wisdom with life comes with an experience beyond mind, and when the spirit moves into an observer, it experiences the bliss within the body.

It’s not possible to directly experience an observer within the body, and thus you can practice meditation, after an hour or half an hour of physical exercise.

Meditation too is a practice, where you simply direct your attention inward. But, mind, senses and body is so much dipped into an experiences and impressions of life, that even direct moving inward in the meditation, seems like a big thing.

The best way to move inward is to sit with yourself after physical exercise. Any form of physical exercise, can make you light from inside, and you can utilize those time, to observe your inner self, and move deep within.

Slowly once your mind is prepared to move inward, you can extend the attention, even while going through daily situations and events of your life.

To experience an observer is an ultimate experience of life. The observer is part of a creator, and gives you a glimpse of, how creator looks like, and how he formed this existence. With an observer the natural principles of life, gets clear to you.

What is Truth? Science or Spirituality?

Spirituality relates to God, religion, soul, spirit, and everything that takes in a subtle form, while science is the physical manifestation of life. Spirituality is all about experience, while science is all about experiment.

When it comes to life, our understanding is limited to the perception of our mind, but the process of life, begins much deeper beyond the mind. If you try to comprehend the life with the mind, you will always fall short in understanding life.

The mind understands the process of birth and death, but don’t know what takes place before the birth and after the death. The life with the mind is limited from the time of birth till you die. Beyond it, it cannot comprehend life.

The process of life doesn’t initiate with birth but before you are born, and on top of that, it doesn’t ends with death, but the process still goes on, after death.

The process before the birth and what happens after the death can be known, once you understand yourself from within. By understanding yourself, you understand the process of life.

We live life out of our understanding. Your understanding comes out of experience. Now, when you don’t have the absolute or total experience of life, you always hold limited understanding towards life, and your choice and decisions too remains limited to your understanding.

Everyone knows from within, that they have no clue of, what’s going on, with their life. Each individual is simply repeating the circle of life, and fulfilling the obligations of their day-to-day life.

They don’t know where to look for, for the truth. They try to understand life with the mind, but you have to understand that, mind is already standing in the middle of the path, and from the middle of the path, you cannot have complete understanding towards life.

From the middle, if you try to look forward, you cannot see anything but an empty space. Your future comes out of present action, so you cannot understand life, looking into the future, as there is no future, unless you act in the present moment.

Can we figure out the solution in the past? then, past is already gone, and when we look back, we do get some life lessons, but that life lessons doesn’t shows us, the life in its totality.

There is only one way to understand the process of past, present and future, and that is to understand you. When you begin to understand yourself from within, you begin to understand the process of life.

If I talk the way, that even layman can understand, than the query that bothers to a spiritual person, or the one who wants to know the truth of life is, either outside life is truth, or what’s going on, inside of me, is the truth?

What should I look for? And which is more reliable?

On the path of spirituality or to know the truth, you have to have a deep burning inside, and your inner fire can take you to the truth, but life doesn’t ends there. At the level of mind outside situation, events and people in your life still exists. Still you have your daily obligations towards life.

Life begins with God, and existence. God is the creator of life, and he creates the entire system, for the sustenance of human life on earth, say air, water, food and whatever you need for the survival of life on earth.

Moving forward, when you come down, you carry the part of god, which can be termed as soul. The nature of soul is a higher vibration. Soul vibrates at higher vibrations.

Soul has a spirit. Spirit is a subtle thread that can expand and contrast and carries the energy and sensation. Soul along with the spirit comes down to earth, and forms a physical body.

Physical body, you are all familiar with. Physical body grows and expand with the help of the subtle thread of the spirit. Your personal identity gradually develops with the different experiences and impressions of life, to which you relate with, all the time in your mind.

Now you have a soul with the vibrating nature, spirit, which carries the subtle thread, along with the energy and sensation and brain, heart and body to carry out the functions of life.

Now everything has its role and function. Brain has its own function, heart has its own function and body has its own function. When spirit enters into the brain, and triggers different part of the brain, the brain gets active and begins its function. Later the same subtle thread, passes through the brain, and spread over the entire body.

Your feeling of thoughts, feelings and emotions is because of the sensation in the body. The creator of brain, heart and body is all the spirit and soul in the body.

Now, physical body have senses to experience outside life. Brain has different functions i.e., imagination, logic, reasoning, evaluating, analyzing, sense of individuality, and a free-will.  Science comes out of, exploring the outside life with the mind. Now mind will not tell you, anything about spirituality unless you direct your mind and senses from outside life, to within. Till then, you can go on experimenting and exploring the outside world, and you will certainly come up with different creative and innovative things, that will serve life.

Anything that exists on the existence, serves life, and that’s the only reason creator has created it.

Now the point is, science is truth? Yes science is truth, because to sustain life on earth, you have to explore the existence with the mind and each day you have to come up with something new, that can serve to our day-to-day living.

When we are discussing outside life, in the outside world we face different situations and events in our personal and professional life.

When you are on a spiritual path, you are less concerned about the personal or professional life, but let me tell you, it all depends upon an individuals present situation, where it stands, with his relationships and his financial obligations, as both these aspects of life are equally important, and you cannot forge any of your personal or professional life, for the sake of spiritual path, unless you are ready to pay a heavy price for it.

In truth, all your situations and events of your life are true, and even on the spiritual path, you have to consider both the aspects of life, be it personal or professional, according to your present situation.

The spiritual path is not about being careless about your personal or professional life, but with the heightened awareness, tackling it with grace, and moving forward on your spiritual path.

Life is a continuous process and it begins with the soul, and ends with experiencing life outside, in different ways. Our role is to understand life, at the level of mind, and then rise above it, to realize the truth behind it.

Once you realize the truth, you take care of life, at the level of mind, in a more efficient manner. Life follows a process, and when you understand your internal process, you bring every part of life, closer to the natural process of life.

All your personal and professional commitments of life, is equally important and should be managed in the most efficient manner, so that you have the time, to explore your inner world. More you explore your inner world, more you come closer to the truth of life, dropping all the illusions of the outside life, at the level of mind.

Everything with life is real, except your idea about it. Only the idea about an experience or situation or event or a person is an illusion, and your experience in the moment is real.

“Everything both inside or outside happening in the present moment is real and what’s your mind thinks about it, is an illusion.”

Your personal and professional life comes out of your past, and thus you can bring the necessary change to it, if you begin to take right steps, from this moment.

When it comes to spiritual exploration, all you need to do is to create intent to know the truth, and your life will be driven in that direction.

The only thing that needs to be understood on the spiritual path or to the ultimate truth of life is, nothing is exclusive but everything is inclusive.

Even after the realization of truth, you have to come back to life, and face the same situations, and people. The only difference will be, your experience with the truth. After the realization, you won’t get caught up in the mind made story of yours, or of others.

The true purpose of life is to realize ones true self and live life with the highest wisdom, spreading ones bliss onto others. You cannot give your experience to others, but when if somebody sees you living life, at the fullest, he will be very much inclined towards the truth. Your realization of truth will motivate others to look into themselves, to look for their truth of life.

Both science and spirituality, is truth of life. To know the ultimate truth, you have to move towards the spirituality, and once the truth is discovered, you have to come back, to the same world of science, i.e. at the level of mind, but with a different perspective towards life.

Even if you are living at the level of mind, you are living the truth. All is needed, is to explore the deeper truth of life. i.e. within beyond the mind.

Wisdom is to Know, What is Possible and What is Not, in this Moment.


Your daily life is all about different situations. With each situation you have your expectation, because one situation leads to another. The thing that needs to observe into different situation, is that, not a single situation, that appears to you, or you think to get into, is in your hands.

The way life’s situation will unfold is not in your hand, but the only thing is, in your hand, is what you can do, in this moment. The effort you choose to put with life, is in your hand, and whatever comes out of it, is not, in your hands.

Life considers all the different aspects of life, and think universal, while the brain or mind has limited access to life, and only develops perception, that satisfies his personal need or the need of the people around him.

Life thinks eternal and thus, anything that comes to you, or any situation you are put into, comes out of the natural process of life. Its not possible to think the way the life thinks, unless you become one with life, and thus, the best option to live your daily life, is to focus on the things, that is possible in the moment.

No matter how badly, you need something with life, the life follows its own process. In reality when you take time to observe life, you realize that your needs or your ideas with life comes out of fear.

Only the individual mind can think that the life has to happen his way. The mind that experience eternity, only look for the natural process with everything, and doesn’t indulge his personal interest with everything.

The natural process of Life is neutral for everyone, and for the human mind, its not possible to think neutral.

When you are into the situation, you don’t think about the situation, considering the perspective of everyone, who are involved into the situation, but your perspective remains limited to yourself.

There is nothing bad in holding one’s own perspective, but if your perspective, doesn’t match the natural process of life, life will not happen in the way, you hold into your mind, and that is a problem.

The people who holds wisdom are not the ones, who possess, all the knowledge of the world, but the ones, who are aware, about the natural process of life, and knows the difference between what is possible and what is not, in any given situation or at any moment of life.

Even the highest wisdom doesn’t give you the liberty to break the natural process of life, but you simply align yourself with the natural process of life.

With life, you don’t prepare yourself to stand against life, but all your efforts lies in understanding the process of life, so that you don’t have to resist with the situations, people and different events of life, but you simply put your each foot forward, aligning with the natural process of life.

You don’t have control on everything, except the task in hand. On top of that, you don’t have any control, on the response of life. Now if your mind gets lost on the things, on which you have no control, you call for the pain and suffering with life. The cause of pain and suffering is expecting something different than what actually exists. Life follows its own process, and your role with life is to focus on the things that’s possible in the moment, and develop the life lessons out of it.

With life each one holds its own unique path. No individual is created in the same way, and each one is different from another.

Your daily life’s situation is different than any other person, and only with your own understanding, you can respond to your daily life’s situation, and develop necessary understanding out of it.

Its true that you cannot learn everything on your own, and thus you need a signpost on the path, in the form of teacher, guru or master, but remember, that you have to cover your path, on your own, and you cannot cling to any of your sign-post, how so relevant or important the sign-post seems like, in the moment.

With life, anything that you get from outside is a sign-post and on top of that, anything that is happening outside of you, you have no control over it.

In the end, what remains with life, is your path and you, and when you reach to your goal, you have to drop everything including yourself, to experience the ultimate.

When you gain knowledge or wisdom from others, all you have, is the words, in the form of information. You may receive information from an enlightened being, but that information cannot serve the purpose in your life’s situation, unless its a part of your life process. You can take the necessary learning, that can serve you, in your life’s situation, but you have to turn the learning into an experience of your own.


Wisdom with life teaches you to focus on what is possible and what is not. With understanding, you only keep your mind on things, that is possible for you, in terms of efforts, and even with the efforts, you make sure to act in a way, considering all the different aspects of life, that is available to your understanding.

Don’t chase any part of life, either personal or professional, but stay committed to your life’s path, and do what is possible in the moment. Life sooner or later will turn out the way, you want, but you cannot sit and wait in the moment, expecting the life to turn out, the way you have expected in your mind.

Life on the existence doesn’t serve the mind, but it serves the process of life. You have to understand the process of life, which can be known, by observing oneself.

Mind is an instrument that too, plays its role, just like the stomach, heart and different parts of the body. Its just that very few people try to understand the functions of the brain, not only at the physical level, but subtle level too.

When you understand the functions of the brain or mind, you don’t get driven by the mind and its senses, but you drive the mind in the direction, of your choices. When you understand your own mind, you rise above it to the state of wisdom.

With wisdom, you get the clarity of life. Life seems hard, when you pull in the opposite direction, than the reality. If you learn to flow with the natural flow of life, life becomes effortless.

No individual is limited to his mind, but holds the capability to rise above his ordinary life. There are only part of illusions, and ignorance towards life, that creates mess out of life.

Life always moves in synchronization. With the individual mind, you only want to see for yourself, but life considers the need of every individual on this existence.

Wisdom with life, connects you with life itself, whereby, you begin to see life, as a whole. You serve your daily situation, considering the need of everyone around you. You don’t live in the parameters of your mind, but you see life into eternity.

We all carry perspective towards life, that allows us to look into eternity. Till the time, you follow your mind, body and senses, you don’t have an access to the higher perspective, but if you learn to hold yourself in the moment, and allow your thinking, ideas, dreams, desires to settle down, you can see through your daily situation from higher perspective.

You see the connection between everything that exists on the existence and how beautifully everything is synchronized in small and a large scale.

With life, focus your mind, onto things that is possible in the moment, and try to make yourself understand about the things that is not possible in your hand, and stop giving any thoughts, feelings or energy to it. These will help you to understand different aspects of life better and in no time, you will create life, that will remain closer to the natural process of life.

Life is happening inside of you, and when you bother to look inside, you receive all the answers of your life. To get to the wisdom of life, you have to stay open with your mind to experiment with every aspect of life and learn the necessary lessons out of it.

“There are no secrets to life, that has been kept hidden from you. All it requires is, your willingness to create a necessary desire to look into it.”

Patience is the Highest Wisdom.

time concept, selective focus point, special toned photo f/x

Everyone has heard about, patience as a virtue. A quality. When it comes to life, and dealing with different situations and events of life, patience is the highest wisdom. You may not have the intelligence, you may not have the education, and if you don’t have the required skills, but if you have patience, all the other qualities or virtues, simply follow.

Patience is the highest wisdom with life. Wisdom means to know, and you cannot know something unless you really understand it, and understanding happens, when you give your time to it.

Patience with all the different aspects of life, allows the life to unfold, in its natural form. Patience doesn’t mean having a laid back attitude, but even in that moment, you remain alert and aware but doesn’t force the events. To hold patience is to allow the situation and events to unfold naturally. No force, pull or push is required. You simply remain awake in the moment.

The nature of the mind is to jump on things. It doesn’t matter, either you are doing good or bad, what’s important, is that are you allowing the things to happen, or you want to push the things forward. When you do something wrong, you are never in control, and when you push the things forward to do the right thing, you only boost your ego, rather understand the fine nuances, of the happening of things.

Patience in the moment takes you higher than all the good and bad deeds of life, and you fulfill the need of the moment, in the most natural way.

All the hard work and effort with life gets lost in doing and undoing things, that means you create an error and then rectify it, but never try to understand the happening of things. Say for e.g., statesVolkswagen emission scandal in UStates. You create an error and then rectify it. You can spend your entire life, doing the same.

To err is human, but the error should always be a fresh one. The error that you have never committed before. To repeat an error and go on rectifying it, is not an intelligence, but an act of foolishness.

“The sage never try to take control of life, but allow it to happen on its own. The sage exists to support life, but not to force his way, on life.

Surrender! The Life Changing Power of Doing God’s Will

All the life’s situation and events hold out of many probabilities, and patience allows us to see the natural direction of life, and follow the direction. The sage is a sage because he understands that life is bigger than him. The sage lives beyond mind, while the mind can never accept or consider anything above him.

Science is a mind, while spirituality is beyond mind. To understand something beyond mind, you have to wait. You can only force something, i.e. in your control, but when you observe life, you realize that most part of life, is beyond control, and it requires little sense to understand that, it’s better to allow the life to happen, rather use force.

It’s not that force allows the things to happen, because even if you force, still you have limited control. After a point of time, you have to give up. You can force yourself to act, but you can never control the result of your action, as it can come either way.

The life never shows up, according to your mind, as other minds too are involved with the mind. Life considers the need of each and everyone, and the one who desire’s life, from its core, his needs gets preference with life.

It’s very important to stay aware and awake with life. When you are aware, you can change the direction of the situations and events of life. When you are awake, you don’t use force, but you utilize the energy of existence. When anything comes to you, be it the situation or event, it already carries its own energy at the moment. If you can read the energy, you can direct it, in a right direction.

“First thing you have to understand that the energy of life or existence is greater than you, and your role with different situations, events and experiences of life, is to observe the flow of the moment, and be one with it.”

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Patience is part of existence. You create anything out of life, not only out of action but when you relax and allow the things to happen. The day is a time for action, and night time when you sleep is part of patience. When you wait and allow the things to settle down and relax. Life is not only about actions but also to rest. At times, you have to hold back with life and allow the things to take place, in its own way.

When you show patience, you connect with life. The things happen, by being one with life. With life, when the confusion arises, the patience in the moment, allows the solution to appear on the surface. The patience is the key to the success in the outside world, and the patience is also a doorway to enlightenment.

The meditation technique, asks for the highest possible patience, that you will ever show in life. You sit with your eyes closed, for nothing. Normally the mind is tuned, to have something for every action. But meditation is strange. You look for something, that can only be savored, in the form of experience, but cannot be expressed in words.

We are in the face of life, where the life is more about experiencing different situations and events. The life is not where you have to physically toll around, at your workplace, but you simply experience different situations and events and you have to handle them. The better you learn how to handle the situations of your daily life, the more success you get with your life.

The patience with life, allows you to look into the deeper aspects of situations and events of your life and helps you to understand the patterns, of the situations and events.

The quality of patience is such that, it connects you with the core. Deep down inside, all the solutions of life, already exist. When you connect with the core, all the solutions, are readily available at the moment.

Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective