Change is the Spice of Life


Life gets boring if you follow the same routine. You need a change once in a while. Change adds spice to life.

You have to feel good about life all the time. Only then you can carry your enthusiasm and take your life forward. In life, we have so many things to do, and experience life in different ways.  (more…)

The time with the Self (My Time)


Sometimes we do get into the phase of life where life takes a toll on our body, mind, and spirit. We don’t find any space to escape, and at the same time, we don’t even have the necessary energy to face life.

These are the situations, where we badly need not somebody else, but the time with the self or my time.

I am very much attached to the phrase “My Time”, and I like to use it, again and again, in-front of my wife, but on the other hand, slowly I also realize the actual importance of it in our life. (more…)

You Achieve when you Focus and make Effort in the right Direction

GB Shaw.jpg

When you feel yourself caught up in the problems of life or don’t find the way to move forward, the cause is always your focus and direction. It’s always your focus and efforts in the right direction breeds result.

Whenever you encounter the problem, do you focus on the problem or you look for the solution instead. If you stay remain engaged with the problem for the longer period of time, your mind will get hooked to it, and then you will not find the ways to move forward. (more…)

How to Experience Life beyond Mind?


The experience of life beyond the mind is possible. The meditation and physical exercise are tools that can serve you to experience life, beyond the mind.

Although it’s possible to experience life beyond mind, it’s the road less traveled. It’s the path, only taken by the souls, who believe in possibilities and not afraid to jump into it.

There are different experiences of life that are possible, but the point is, are you ready to strive for it? (more…)

How to Realize Life beyond the Mind in you?


Life initiates with the source in you. From the source comes the spirit or the soul. Along with the spirit enters the mind in the body. The spirit serves the functions of the body to produce the necessary life energy so that life can be experienced.

So, it’s the source, spirit, mind, life energy, and body. If you realize the spirit in the body, you realize life beyond the surface reality of your mind.  (more…)

Is it God’s Perspective Possible for the Humans?


Life is understood by the humans only through the perspective. Every person has his or her individual perspective to experiYence life. Well while the saying the above statement, the most important part of life is, that the individual perspective of a person can be transcended to the perspective of a whole.

What is the whole perspective? (more…)

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth ( Book Preview )

The Reflection of Ultimate Truth 1image.jpg

Today’s blog will be the preview of the book, “The Reflection of Ultimate Truth”. I will take you through the journey of making of a book, and what you can expect from the book.

As the title suggests, ” The reflection of Ultimate Truth”. The experience of ultimate truth is an individual experience, and you can only have the reflection of it, from outside. To experience for yourself, you have to move inward.

You see the reflection of the moon, in the river. When you see the reflection of the moon in a river, you can experience the moon in the sky.

In a similar way, when you can have the reflection of truth, from outside, at least you can move in the direction, where you can experience the truth for yourself. (more…)

How your Perspective towards Life Changes Every Moment?


Have you ever wondered, in this moment you think or feel about the situation, people or experience of life in a certain way, and very next moment, all your thoughts and feelings simply switch into an opposite direction?

How does this happen and where does it happen and is there any way to rise above all the internal and external shifts of life?

Yes, there is a way. The way is to understand the whole process of life. Life expands and contracts in you. Usually, when you are unaware of what is happening in your internal and external world, you simply rotate in a circle, which is created out of your external experiences and internally expanded impressions of external experiences of life. (more…)

Improve upon Yourself and Life (Understanding) will come to you


Ignorance chase life, understanding allows you to create a space in you, where life comes to you. It’s all depends on you. Either you want to chase life or you want the life to come to you?

The biggest struggle the person ever have is with his daily problems of life. The harder he tries, the more he fails. Then where is the ultimate solution to all the problems of life?

The only solution with life is, improve upon your inner being, and the solution that is needed for your problem will appear in front of you. You don’t have to chase anything, but anything that you need, creates a right intent and much-needed space within you, and in your life, and you will receive it. (more…)

The Key to All the Problems of Life is inside


What is a problem?

The situation that holds a solution, but in the moment, you simply feel you have been caught in it. There are minor problems and there are major problems, but to each and every problem of life, there is a solution.

The solution is not somewhere outside, but it’s in the way you perceive the problem. Problems exist in you, and so does the solution. The only work requires solving any problem of your life, is the real work on you. (more…)